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Q. Do I need to be sanctioned?
A. Tournaments organized by our Association are mostly sanctioned. You don't have to be sanctioned if a tournmament your playing in is not sanctioned.

Q. Do I need to provide Insurance to play?
A. Yes. You will need to have both General Liability and Accidental Insurance. A copy of your insurance will be due at registration day of tournament.Please check with us because at some tournaments we provide tournament insurance.

Q. Where can I find tournament information?
A. You will be able to find this information on our website. Go to Tournaments on our Home Page and you will find information.

Q. Where are fields located?
A. Fields are relatively easy to find. Most all our tournaments are at the Hagerstown Fairgrounds Softball Complex located at 421 N. Cleveland Avenue in Hagerstown, Maryland. Depending on number of teams we will use nearby parks in Hagerstown, Md.

Q. Do you have Hotel/Motel Information?
A. Yes, Event Connect sets up Hotels with a special rate for our teams. We will provide you a link to their website to view rooms and register.

Q. Can I get a late start?
A. Yes, however it is rare our tournaments start before 8 am in the morning, particularly on the first day of the tournament. This will be based on how far teams are traveling.

Q. Where can I get Tournament Brackets?
A. Tournament Brackets will be listed on the USA Website. They will also be posted at each complex.

Q. How long does an online registration hold my entry?
An online registration does not guarantee a spot in a tournament; however, it does let us know you have the intent of playing. It often allows us to contact you in the event it fills or is getting full. It is advised you register online so we can confirm we have availability. Tears are accepted on a first come, first served basis based upon when we receive your check. You will receive notice that we have received your entry, and well as a confirmation stating that we have received payment and you are accepted.

Q. How do I register/pay within two weeks of tournament?
A. If you are entering within two weeks of the start of a tournament (assuming we still have room) a credit card is the only way to hold a spot. We will call and get a credit card number. Note: Reason for this is teams getting in at the last minute, and then changing their mind, causing scheduling problems and last-minute changes, which is not fair to the other teams or us. There are NO EXCEPTIONS!

Q. How do you handle tournament cancellations?
A. Although we try to work with all teams who enter our events, you must understand the problems that are created when a team registers for an event and then does not follow through with their commitment to participate. When you enter a tournament, we make a commitment to you- we expect the same type of commitment in return. These instances not only affect our organization but every other organization that has committed to play. Therefore the following cancellation policy is in effect.

  • All cancellations must be received in writing via email, sanctioning website, fax, and standard mail. Verbal cancellations will not be accepted.
  • Teams cancelling with 21 day notice will receive $400 refunded.
  • Teams cancelling inside 21 days will receive: $200 refunded.
  • Teams cancelling within 14 days will receive: $0
  • Once a game schedule has been distributed or within 14 days, absolutely NO refunds or credits will be given.
  • In the somewhat rare event that there are between 4-6 teams in a tournament, at the tournaments directors’ discretion refunds may not be granted. For example, If there are 4 teams and 1 team wants to pull out, effectively cancelling participation and ultimately affecting plans of the other 3 teams. While a 4-team tournament is not ideal, it’s also not fair to change the plans for the other teams so one team can go elsewhere or stay at home. If it is the decision of all 4 or 5 teams not to play, that is fine as it is the discretion of all involved. While it doesn’t happen often, it has happened (probably once in years) and all too often in the past, 1 team made the decision for all involved.

Q. How do you handle rain/rainout?
A. It is our policy to make every effort to fulfill the minimum number of games guaranteed during a tournament weekend with inclement weather. However, there may be instances when not all games may be played, or the tournament format may be changed.